Facial Recognition Online2

Facial Recognition Online2: How To Track You?

Facial Recognition Online2: How To Track You? Online quest for face recognition is just a subset of what a robust approach can do. As technology improves, application providers are providing Facial Recognition Web APIs, which you can connect easily with your smartphones and information systems.

Reverse image search TinEye

TinEye is an image search that can be accessed through the internet. Besides, you upload photos to see if the same or identical images appear online.
Moreover, its key purpose is to locate correct or updated versions of the photos you upload. Therefore, if anyone posted stolen and edited images, you can use this to locate them. You cannot though, use it to search images that are loosely related.
TinEye is an image-identification company from TinEye Laboratories, Canada. Certainly, it bases the headquarters of the organization in Toronto.

This product consists of browser plugins, image filter and sorting.

TinEye’s goods include:

(1) MatchEngine: Notice picture copies duplicate and updated. TinEye is still crawling around the site and adding pictures to its index.
(2) Email alerts: regular updates on your web photos.
(3) API: Add the search for face recognition into your apps.
(4) MobileEngine: Web photo acknowledgment and improved reality API.
(5) Visual scan by color: MultiColorEngine.
Moreover, the photographs submitted by customers for analysis never are saved or indexed by TinEye.

Reverse image scan Berify

Berify is a Los Angeles, California corporation whose mission statement calls on the community to monitor the use of its images and videos online.
Further, you have a private algorithm that fits images above the searches of public images. Besides, Berify applies information from Google, Bing, Yandex, among others, to the results following the key algorithm.

Many of the services’ attributes are:

Watch videos to help scan for stolen videos.
Many channels download images and videos, including direct upload, sitemaps. Besides, RSS feeds, Website connections, Flickr, Dropbox, social media etc….
Set and forget: you upload the photos, Berify constantly tests the internet, and tell you about the results.
Moreover, Berify has a free plan which allows up to 5 photos uploaded and tests every 6 months.

Catfish Social

Social Catfish is an online service devoted to the hunt for missing links and verification of online identity for a person. Further, it gives the ability to use photographs as one of the alternatives.
The organization has its offices in California, USA. It describes itself as an online database testing tool that reviews facts. Moreover, to decide whether anyone you know is who they think they are.

Social Catfish search millions of social accounts through metadata and face recognition. Further, searches cover large social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms such as forums.

They clarify the various ways in which consumers will use their service on their web pages, including:

Watch a screenshot of an individual for identity verification.
Check what a person has a profile on websites.
Photographers will check if someone is robbed.
Check for loved ones and missing friends.


A business focused on the stealing of photographs and photography, Pixsy provides a reverse image search engine. In order to support you in taking unauthorized photos and obtaining restitution. Further, they also offer technical advice in addition to photo searches.
The Walnut, California business is Pixsy.

Certain features are available:

Capability to download your images from your hard drive and your backup source online. Besides, mass uploads can be made. Hence, a specified source of import can be automatic sync.
Track the online presence of your sync photos.
New matches alerts to remind you.
They have their legal experience. Resources include handing down updates internationally and helping you get reimbursement charges.

Pixsy provides a free image search plan for a limit of 500 images. Moreover, they are now selling paying subscriptions supporting more photos from up to 2.000 images beginning at USD 19 a month. Finally, they supply subscription plans for more than 100,000 pictures.

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