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Image Recognition For Android And iOS: What Are The Best Apps?

Image Recognition For Android And iOS: What Are The Best App? Image recognition apps are mobile friendly and aid in object detection. As a consequence of advances in artificial intelligence the vision, face recognition, and categorization of objects based on machine-learning algorithms have improved.

Here are the best apps when it comes to image recognition.

Google Lens

Google lens is an amazing scanning app with a mobile camera. Whereby, identifies monuments, places, products, decoration, text quest, and animals. Further, it simply shows the camera to the word and holding the button for a few seconds.

Besides, to save the address, phone number, and email and the URL connection of an account, you can take a picture of a contact person. Hence, you don’t have to type your mobile device manually.

Vision of AIPoly

A mobile camera software for visually disabled and blind of colors to help them distinguish objects or colors.

Screen Shop

This is a favorite app from fashion customers who inadvertently bump into an object they love. Whereby, the Screen Shop app detects goods after the fashion lover shots the piece. Further, takes a screenshot or video and shows the products in specific online retailers. Moreover, the app is also downloadable.

TapTap See 

Wonders to recognize objects for people with poor vision and full blindness. Thereby, using the mobile camera lens to help them distinguish objects by expressing the object recognized.

Therefore, you must activate the “talk back” to enable the program on iOS, and on Android smartphones.

Cam Find

With the photograph of the item that the app recognized and shows results. Moreover, including photos, visual videos, and nearby shops. Cam Find is providing smartphone visual search. Therefore, as an image recognition engine app, it can tag Cam find.

Flow Amazon powered

This photo recognition software enables business card scanning to add new telephone contacts. Further, in the Amazon-based flow, items like DVD, CD, video players, book covers, and household goods are found.

Google Reverse Image

This program is very useful for helping the user scan for related user submitted images. Besides, this user search searches will differ as image sizes, higher image quality etc are required.

Leaf Snap

A natural-species visual recognition technology designed to aid photographers of their blade tree species. Further, with high-resolution photographs by researchers from Columbia University, Smithsonian Institution & the University of Maryland.

Calorie Mama

Calorie counting software uses photo detection technologies to help customers monitor nutrition by scanning material and measuring the total calories of a single image.


Vivino is an image recognition software for wine labels. Further, provides you with a picture of a wine label to get information about each wine. This application also includes immediate details on every wine, including group ratings and reviews.

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