Facesoft API Face Detection

Learn More About Facesoft API Face Detection

Facesoft API Face Detection uses state-of-the-art machine learning tools to assist developers to make the most of face analysis.

The Facesoft API can do a lot of things. It can track faces and show the landmarks on them. It can also match faces to see if they are the same person.


Primarily, you can document your work so it is easy to understand.

Facesoft has been tested in international challenges. They have proven to be among the best in the world.

This app can generate millions of faces. It does this by using a new type of technology called Generative Adversarial Network.

This application uses the amazing capabilities of geometric deep learning technologies to produce and assess 3D faces.

Technology is different if you can take it with you. It can be used on many different devices, such as on your phone or on a security camera.


The algorithm that matches faces can only compare two at a time. You cannot do it with many faces at once.

It can’t process pictures that are not in base64.

Use cases

It is possible to automatically organize images and videos that you have. You can use tags and keywords to do this.

Also, filters images submitted by users, including nudity, weapons and violence, drugs or any abusive images.

Researchers are finding new ways to help people buy things online better. They’re looking at pictures and grading them for different qualities.

We make analyses and insights from the user behavior and workflows

What is face detection?

Detecting someone’s face is done by looking for the eyes, nose, and mouth in a photo. It can also be used to identify people or objects in photos.

Facesoft API is a computer program that can find the location of faces on people’s heads. The technology for the program is very advanced. It can find up to 30 landmarks on each person’s face.

The API detects faces in both portrait and landscape orientation, vertical or horizontal parts. So, API is also good for detecting facial expressions on people who are wearing glasses. Hence, API is especially useful in video calls where it can be difficult to capture a person’s expression due to rapid head movements.

How does face recognition work?

Face recognition is the process of recognizing specific individuals from a database of faces.

Facesoft’s face verification service can compare your face with other faces in the database. And also, tells you if you are who you say for 6 seconds. It is convenient to do this on a mobile device.

Finally, this new technology allows people to make their lives easier. For example, customers can create an application that will automatically pay for their subscription with a photo of themselves.


In summary, the Facesoft API is a simple way for apps to do face detection, recognition and analysis. The documentation is easy to read so developers can use it to add this capability into their app.

The API can detect faces in both portrait and landscape orientation, vertical or horizontal parts, with varying degrees of facial expressions and wearing glasses.

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