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Photo Recognition Search Engines Examples & Uses

Where can you find examples of facial photo recognition search engines? In this post, discover today’s best picks of online facial recognition search engines.

Examples of Photo Recognition Search Engines

Here are facial photo recognition search engines you can find online.


Pixsy offers a reverse image search engine. This tool can let you locate your images being used illicitly on other websites.

Not only that, but this company also offers professional services for photo legality issues. So they can help you track down the criminals and seek just compensation.

Below listed are the services that Pixsy offers:

  • Backup your images from your hard drives or any other device to the cloud. This tool allows bulk uploads and has an auto-sync feature.
  • When you search for illicit use of personal images, it can give you further alerts even after the act of search. It can notify you when new matches appear.
  • Legal services include sending global takedown notices. Also, Pixsy can help you collect the compensation fees.

Moreover, Pixsy offers its services in different plans. Good thing is that they offer a basic plan that offers free image search for up to 500 photos.

If you want to learn more about their services, you can visit their website.

Social Catfish

Now, what if you want to bridge lost connections? Perhaps to confirm identities? Lost friends, family members, prospect mates, or relatives, for instance?

The Social Catfish is the right photo recognition search engine for you. This online tool can help you confirm a person’s identity. So you can better discern whether they’re speaking in truth for you.

This application makes use of facial recognition technology and metadata. As a result, they can scan millions of social media profiles to see the faces of people you are looking for. Not to mention that they support the biggest social media platforms today. 

Social Catfish offers its services by membership plans. So if you want to learn more of their services, you can check their website for more details.

Google Reverse Image Search

Of course, Google should never miss the list.

Google has its Google Reverse Image Search online tool. This tool can help you locate similar pictures on the web. Not to mention that it is a free tool available for everybody connected on the cloud.

Besides, this tool works easily. You have two options of uploading a picture. For example, you can either choose to upload a file or paste a url. Either way, it can generate generous results.

However, if you are looking for a tool that focuses on facial recognition, this tool is not for you. Because Google Reverse Image Search scans a picture as a whole.

After all, it is free. You can try it for simple image search tasks, perhaps.

Pinterest Image Search

Aside from Facebook, Pinterest is today’s widely used social media platform. Besides, this platform focuses more on images, which makes it a visually attractive platform.

Pinterest can also let you do image searches. For example, you can pin a photo on your Pinterest board. Then on your pinned photo, you will see a magnifying glass on the bottom-right side. Clicking this will let you see relevant or similar images in use of the whole Pinterest database.

Also, this application is for free.

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