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Recognize Me With Face Recognition Technology

Recognize Me With Face Recognition Technology. Search engines such as Google resolve the issue of photo searches at the basic level. They are not, yet, able to discover people’s profiles from social networks on photos. We require special tools to do this goal.

What is face recognition technology?

The primary features of any face are constantly in the same position, such as the eyes, front, nose, chin, and cheekbones. For example, for adults even at age, or when faint, intoxicated, or ill, the distance between the corners of the eyes and the lines of the pupils and the chin remains unchanged.

Facial recognition technologies can identify criminals amid thousands of crowds with security cameras. Also, a “live” image comparison with a photo as a database takes place in real-time.

But, the work of an OSINT specialist is different. It must show all accessible info relating to an individual on the basis of a photo in social networks. Thus, including profiles, accounts, internet addresses, etc. The difficulty is that the images may not match or be years ago.

The first technique finds the name of the person in the photo. In many social networks, you can then locate all the personal accounts of this person. If there are many photos of the same individual, the other approach must apply. You may then compare an image and see if it is the same person or not.

How does the system function?

While online organizing techniques may differ, the basic phases of the process stay the same.
First, there is a photograph of the person. As long as the main facial measurements are visible, the angle of the face is unimportant.

The face recognition software then examines the geometry of the face and constructs, a so-called signature based on many critical features.
After calculating the facial signature, it is compared with a faces database. Government access to millions of signatures of that kind. The last stage is a match or a no-match unless the face is in the database.

What is facial identification for?

Law enforcement and government agencies are responsible for managing millions of people’s records. Also, keeping order is the clearest need for face recognition software. The software has nonetheless penetrated other sectors.

Safety is one of the software applications. As a tool for phone locking and forbidding access, Apple employs Face ID, for example. The program contains faults, but for most customers, it is good enough to have random facial access to your phone by 1 in a million.

Another security use for the solution is to block access to unauthorized persons during exams or for screening on the entry to prevent terrorists and crimes at schools and universities.

The same goes for business facilities with high-security levels, airports, and other locations. In certain situations, face recognition was also used by churches for the purpose of checking attendance by the community to calculate donation tabs.

The major users of the program include social networks. Facebook has its own algorithms in which persons in photos may be identified and automatically associated with more than 98 percent accuracy with their profiles.

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