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SkyBiometry Image Recognition Up Close

SkyBiometry Image Recognition. We are a company that is based on another successful company. We make biometric technology to sell as a service.

Our technology is from the research and development of our team in the areas of biometrics and objects recognition for more than 20 years.
Cloud technology is growing quickly. It’s a good thing for developers and integrators to be able to make better products faster because of it.

SkyBiometry makes biometrics that is based on Neurotechnology, which is also a company that helps develop these products.
With this service, the company now has a way to quickly and cheaply provide high-quality biometrics. It also offers customers flexibility and scalability that other types of services can’t.

SkyBiometry terms and conditions

The terms and conditions are limited to the following:


Services include the features on the Provider’s Website. They might change from time to time, but that is up to Provider.

The right to use Services

The company will provide the service to you. It is up to them what they do with it. You can use it for a short time, but then if you stop using it they might take away your right to use the service again.

Recipient’s Identity

(1) We need to make sure that we identify ourselves correctly. We have to keep the information in our account accurate.
(2) A corporation is a company that can do business. If you are 16 years or older, you can be a member of the company.
(3) Make sure that you ask permission before making more than one account for each provider.

Right to Do Business

You must show that you have the right to enter into this agreement and that there is no one who will stop you. You need to prove that if someone has a claim against you, it won’t affect your ability to do this.

API key

Provider needs to provide Recipient with an API Key. The Recipient needs to put the API Key in its application, website or service. It will let them use Services.
Only one key can be used for your application or service.

This is your key. You should keep it a secret and not tell anyone else. If you do, someone else can use it to pretend they are you.
There are limits for how many times you can make API calls. There is a limit of the number of API calls per duration and there are limits for each key. The documentation tells you about these limits.

If you want to use additional API keys, you need to agree with the terms and conditions. You cannot use automation tools like robots or spiders to get these API keys.

Use of Services

You can use SkyBiometry’s services in your website, application, service or other. You just need to follow the guidelines and terms.
Your application should not break any law or rule.

Your application should be clear to the user. The app should tell people if it can affect someone else’s rights or privacy. If it does, then the person gets a choice on whether they want to do that.
You cannot use this application to promote illegal items.

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