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The Ropes Of Google Visual Search 101

Do you agree that a single picture can tell a lot of stories? Yes, this is proven true with the google visual search. In the past, researching online with only an image at hand can be challenging.

 However, modern-day technology makes what could be impossible years ago very much doable now.

What Is Google Visual Search?

It is the ability of a search engine or application to recognize an image or picture and all the information associated with it.

For example, while driving along the highway there is a particular flower that catches your attention. Its beauty mesmerizes you that you decided to grow it in your garden.

But, the problem is you do not know the name of the flower and where to get it. Worry no more! Because by just using a simple picture of the flower, you will find tons of information available online.

Different Ways To Do It On Android Phones

With Downloaded Application & Stored Image

  1. First, Open the google lens application
  2. Next, tap the photo picker icon. It is the square one on the left side of the shutter button
  3. Choose the picture that you want to research.  Then you will see at the bottom part a lot of information that you would like to know about the object of interest.

For instance, if it is a flower or a plant you will see the following details:

  • the name
  • variety
  • place of origin
  • stores that sell
  • price
  • videos featuring about it

Without The Use Of Google Lens Application

  1. First, open the Google app
  2. Next, tap discover at the bottom
  3. Then tap Google Lens in the search bar
  4. Upload or take the photo you are researching

Moreover, to upload an existing image:

  • Tap the photo picker button
  • Next, choose the photo.

On the other hand, to take pictures: 

  1. First, focus or point to your object of interest and tap the shutter button
  2. Then, select the photo
  3. Scroll at the bottom to find search results              

If you are searching for an image from the website:

  1. In your gadget open either the google or chrome applications
  2. Visit the website
  3. Locate the image then touch and hold
  4. If you can see options tap the search google lens
  5. Choose how you want to search
  6.     Tap the photo picker if you have a screenshot or saved already the phot
  7.     Tap the directly the photo from the website
  8. Scroll to the bottom to see the related search results.


It is very useful, especially with our current situation.  The fear of getting infected with the fearsome virus limits if not hinders our outdoor activities.

Therefore, many of us buy our essentials online and prefer them to be delivered right at our doorstep. This most often than not requires a lot of visual researches on our part to check the availability of the products we need and the prices as well before we purchase.

To conclude, the contribution of Google Visual Search in controlling the spread of the virus is significant.

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