Kairos Facial Recognition API

Understanding Kairos Facial Recognition API

Kairos Facial Recognition API. Kairos is a company that does face recognition. We have an ethical approach to identify. We recognize faces in photos, videos, and the real world.
The API platform that we have lets developers and businesses take our technology to use for face recognition.

Benefits of Kairos

We help customers avoid identity fraud. We make sure that they are compliant with regulations to make their experience better.
The Kairos API is important. You do not need to build a database or know complicated algorithms to use it. That is because the Kairos API is easy to understand.
You can use our API with different languages. You can also upload data sets by using a number of ways, including uploading files to a website or using AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage.

Face recognition services

Face recognition is fun when you are building an app or a service. It can be used in many different ways:
You can find out which people are in your video
You can see how old someone is by looking at their face
When you put a photo on Instagram or Facebook, it is important to identify who it is or that person might get mad. We can find similar photos automatically, and we can also use someone’s face to log into their account.

Security solution

You need to find a security solution for your business. You want it to be fast, accurate and scalable. Our API can work with both photos and videos, in real-time or batch mode. It does not matter if you are on a phone or computer – our API will not compromise accuracy.

Kairos galleries

Kairos is a program that you use to identify people in pictures. It can compare faces or make queries against other images. On these pages there are images that might be what you are looking for. Kairos can tell if any of them match the thing you were looking for.
Kairos can find the best picture for a gallery. It looks at all the pictures, not just one. It is not limited by how many comparisons you can do, so Kairos is better than other programs.

Kairos is easy to install

Kairos is easy to install because it works on any device – even those that have a Raspberry Pi board for instance. This facial recognition library has been built for speed and accuracy.
Kairos only accepts a few parameters across its endpoints. These are “image”, “gallery_name”, “subject_id”, and “selector”. This means that we can quickly build simple HTTP requests.
Furthermore, the “image” parameter accepts a publicly accessible URL, file upload or base64 encoded photo. In the “gallery_name” parameter, you need to put in the name of a gallery that Kairos has created or that you have already created.
If you are creating a gallery, then you can do different queries for it. You can use one query to authenticate people and another one to prevent fraud.


To sum it all, Kairos comes with an easy to use API that lets you find faces in images. You can upload your photos and videos automatically or by using our File Picker widget available on our website!
Kairos is the only framework that has been optimized for speed, accuracy, and scalability.

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