free image recognition app

Free Image Recognition App

A free image recognition app is now very useful. There are many steps to use it. Some of them may even meet your needs. But which ones are good?

Keep on reading to know more. 

Free Image Recognition App: Best Ones to Download

Google Lens

First up on the program is Google’s image recognition app. If you are looking for a common use app, then this is one of the most helpful out there.

With this, you can look for many kinds of things with your phone’s camera. Google is one of the top players because it can know more than a billion things. Imagine that!

Further, this app gives your decisions like articles or shopping links. Then, this app also operates with Google Translate.

So, you can take a photo of that Chinese menu and it will change it for you.


For style lovers out there, ScreenShop is the app to use. With this, you can see fashionable things. Want to know what your favorite vlogger is using?

You only need to take a screenshot of the picture or video. Then, the app will look for shoppable things in the picture. With its center on clothes and accessories.

Then, it will give you the data you need. Like related products free on online stores. Or related things from their list.


Are you on a diet? Then, CalorieMama can assist you with that. It is an app that uses long education and picture classification technology.

With this, you can look at the food you are about to try. Then, it can know the:

  • content of the food
  • ingredients
  • total number of calories

So, there is no need to manually enter the calorie you are about to intake. Further, this app has the usual several food naming systems.

So, there is no need to choose how many calories that kebab has.


Are you having a difficult time seeing? Or know anyone that cannot see at all? Then, TapTapSee can assist them a lot.

This app centers on openness. With the visually broken and blind people in mind. 

With this, you only need to show the camera. It even has a VoiceOver use. After pointing the camera, the app will know the picture for you out loud. Thus, making it a complete service.


For the life lover in you, LeafSnap is here to help. This free image recognition app is the love child of three school systems.

Also, this app uses visual recognition software. With this, you can point your camera even only at a leaf, then it can know the tree kinds.

Further, you can also know trees with their flowers and fruits. Thus, making it helpful when you are out tenting with your friends.

No need to select the name of that beautiful tree near you.

Free Image Recognition App

So, which of these free image recognition apps bothered your interest? Are you maybe needing to try the calorie table? Or are you looking to buy those cute shoes you found online?

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