image recognition app android

Image Recognition App Android

Today, there is a lot of image recognition app android. Some even center on one field. One that might meet the corner you are seeing for.

To know these apps, keep on reading.

Image Recognition App Android to Download

Google Lens

For common use, you can use Google’s image recognition app. You can use Google Lens to seek for pretty much everything.

You can grant this app because it is one of the most strong out there. Also, it can identify more than one billion things. All thanks to excellent algorithms.

Further, it has the help of Google Translate. So, you can use it to translate unknown words from an image.

Also, you can seek for that adorable shirt you saw on a mannequin. Google Lens will give you looking connections for freedom.


For your buying needs, Snapchat can help you. Being powered by Amazon, it is now a basic player for eCommerce.

So, when you want to get exact shoes, just take a photo of them via Snapchat. You can even look at its barcode.

Then, Snapchat will give you effects and items that include:

  • Amazon links
  • prime availability
  • price
  • discount
  • ratings
  • and more

Although today, it is only open to most roles of the US. But it will roll out in some nations soon. Surely, it is worth the wait.


For your dieting demands, DietCameraAI is here. This image recognition app lets you control the calories in your food. Compared to other calorie-tracking apps, you do not need to manually copy in your intake.

You only need to look at the food. Then, viola! DietCameraAI will then add the calories to your record.

Further, it also highlights an Assistant. This will lead you to the best meal plan agreed upon for your needs.

Then, you also scan your records or set goals. With this data, the app will make a chart so that you can see your growth.

Yes, this app is free to do. But the more specific data is only open once you pay for support.


If you are a coin agent or a historian, this app is for you. Coinoscope lets you look and know both new and ancient coins.

All you need to do is do the app to take a photo of a coin. Then, important parts will show up, like:

  • data, like date of production, etc.
  • articles
  • videos
  • related pictures

Also, it lets you know the importance of the coin today. Pretty neat, right?

Vivino Wine Identifier

Are you a wine fan? Then, Vivino is the app you need. This app lets you know about many sorts of wine.

After showing the camera at the wine, the app will give you prompt decisions. These parts include:

  • the popularity of the wine
  • type of its taste
  • ingredients
  • age
  • and more

Further, it lets you match wines. This is because the app lets users give ratings on each wine.

Image Recognition App Android

So, which of these apps meets your needs? What kinds of pictures are you looking to know more about?

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