Inferdo Face Detection API

Matters to Learn About Inferdo Face Detection API

Inferdo Face Detection API is an API that can do things with pictures of faces. In recent times, people have been criticizing this technology.

In this tutorial, we will learn about a way to do something with faces. Inferdo is an API that can do things with pictures of faces.
In recent times, people have been criticizing this technology. They say it breaks the privacy of people who are in public places. But with regulations on privacy, has a great future and opens up new ways to gather data and do different analytics.

Important Use Cases of Face Detection

Until now, computers were good at collecting data for things that involve numbers. Computers cannot collect data about ordinal things or do any subjective analysis. But now, the field of artificial intelligence is here and can do all these things. Scientists are now able to detect the features of people’s faces. This is exciting because it is new and different.


Modern security systems have advanced features. They can tell if someone is in a no-entry zone. They can also keep people out who you don’t know from entering your house. The camera feeds are monitored to look for any object that looks like a person.

Demographic Data Collection

A new tool that can detect the age and gender of a customer when they come into your store. Easy way to know if the customer is male or female and how old they are.


With the capability to measure people’s feelings by looking at their faces, we can now use this in our work. For example, we can measure how effective a student is in school or if an audience likes what they are hearing.


Face detection is a complex and intricate way of analyzing images. It depends on neural network processing and deep learning for accuracy. The training for it is very time consuming, but the API hides that from you so you can just use it.

This API has two endpoints

POST Face Detection w/ Age & Gender

The “Face Detection with Age and Gender” endpoint detects faces in an image. It also predicts the gender and age of those faces.
The location of the face is returned as a bounding box representing by the top-left and bottom-right pixel coordinates of the rectangle enclosing the face. The age is returned based on a range. It also returns a probability score of detection for face location and gender.

POST Face Detection

The “Face Detection” endpoint can find the parts of an image of faces. It also accepts a picture on the internet as input.

API Pricing

The Infedo Face Detection API is free, but you can pay for it. If you do, you will be able to use 5000 API calls per month. You can also get a higher detection rate.


To conclude, the Infedo Face Detection API is a way to do something with images of faces. With it, you can analyze an image and tell what part of the picture has a face. This API shows that people and computers are becoming more intelligent step by step. It will lead to many jobs in different fields and get us closer to artificial intelligence.

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