translate chinese to english picture recognition

Translate Chinese To English Picture Recognition

Looking for ideas to translate Chinese to English picture recognition? If you ever think to go to China, this is very effective.

But even if you are not, it is still pretty helpful if you always find Chinese roles.

So, what are the best apps that can use? Keep on reading to know more.

Translator Picture Recognition

Translating can be difficult to do mainly for languages with their own set of signs. Sure, you can copy it out. But can you do it for each word?

Surprisingly, many translator apps do not allow OCR. Or the Optical Character Recognition. Which lets you take photos or upload handwritten or printed text.

Languages like Chinese, Arabic, Korean, and more can help from this.

Good thing is, some apps have this in some words. So, we will list out the best apps that have OCR to translate Chinese to English.

Translate Chinese to English Picture Recognition: Best Apps

Pleco Chinese Dictionary

Pleco is one of the most common translation apps for Chinese. It is a well-rounded app that gives:

  • text reader
  • flashcard study tool
  • box order diagrams

When doing a search or scan a line via your camera, you get parts of the data. So, you do not only get the translation, but you also get some contextual info.

The most useful thing is, the app is easy. But it has no ads! It is free for both Android and iOS.

Translator- Translate Box

Extra great app to use is Translator – Translate Box. With this, you can do a side-by-side key.

For Chinese, this is one of the best apps that makes the most function. Thus, making this great for some. Also, not only can you take a photo to translate, but you can also do:

  • text-based search
  • voice search

Pretty helpful for those expressions that you only heard from someone.

This app is free for download for both Android and iOS. Yes, it is free but with in-app shopping.


Waygo is another excellent app to use. It has one side over other rivals. Waygo being an offline translation app. So, no need to attach to the internet to use it.

Also, this app has many reports from well-known media breaks. Like The New York Times, TechCrunch, and more.

Further, they also have a neat story. Translations of Chinese dishes come with ideas. This is to help you know what the food looks similar to.

But because it is an offline app, it has a more short database than others. Also, it only has the OCR version. It does not have a text-based one.

Though it is great if you do to a place with no contact. You can download this both on your Android and iOS devices.

Then, you can use this for easy. With a limit of 10 readings per day. To get endless Chinese translations, you have to pay a certain price.

Translate Chinese to English Picture Recognition

So, are you set to translate Chinese to English? Which one of these apps do you think will meet your needs?

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