Benefits Of BigCommerce

What Are The Benefits Of BigCommerce?

What Are The Benefits Of BigCommerce? The greatest advantage of BigCommerce is by far its accessibility. You can establish an online shop with BigCommerce if you have no background in running a platform. The control panel is well navigable and structured. Furthermore, BigCommerce users need not worry about hosting or website protection. BigCommerce deals with both these technical issues with you.
Users are already aware of how many functions we incorporate into the core apps of BigCommerce. Since many BigCommerce apps are available, users say you needn’t add many integrations relative to other eCommerce apps.

BigCommerce Offers

Shipping Manager: This built-in shipping function lets you see measured transport prices at the check-out.
Inventory Management: Check the physical goods inventory levels.
Marketing apps: It provides a range of marketing tools that include a coupon engine, features for social media, and product analysis.
Building A Blog: Host your online shop blog.
SEO Tools: Get more personalized URLs, header tags, and meta explanations. 
Analytics: To follow traffic, sales, bounce rates, etc, using the monitoring features.

BigCommerce Pitfalls

While the use of BigCommerce has many benefits, eCommerce tech isn’t ideal. There are also ways in which large-scale trade should improve.
The shortage of simple interface software is one of the major disadvantages of BigCommerce. You can change the tiny elements of your website with BigCommerce without modifying any coding (such as colors, photographs, and texts).

However, you need to edit the code or recruit someone with you to make major changes. BigCommerce has no drag-and-drop modeling capabilities as opposed to other e-commerce applications (such as Shopify).

As we all know, there is nothing perfect in this world.

BigCommerce also has a drawback that not every feature is within the price package. You can pay a higher monthly premium fee to get access to enhanced functionality such as faceted quest and lost cart recovery.

Who is to use BigCommerce ?

For companies from start-up to enterprise, BigCommerce provides affordable pricing plans.
User reports say that BigCommerce is a better fit for SMEs, as certain functions do not quite meet large corporations. Yet, there is a range of enterprises using Enterprise applications from BigCommerce. These are Ben & Jerry’s and Skullcandy.

How to start the big business

It only takes minutes to get started with BigCommerce. A 15-day trial can be without a credit card. You just have to enter your email address, telephone number, and name. Then a password is created and your store name is selected (you can change this name later on).

Use BigCommerce for the first 15 days to keep the software running. Add goods, personalize delivery and taxes, play with the design software and assess customer service. Make sure that BigCommerce includes all your company needs so that you feel happy about buying a plan when it comes to picking a plan.


BigCommerce is an easy-to-use eCommerce software for small to large online sellers. The software is feature-rich, and the company offers many customer support options. So, users of all sizes and skill levels can make use of what BigCommerce offers.

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