Animetrics Facial Recognition Software

Animetrics Facial Recognition Software one of the World’s Top

Animetrics Facial Recognition Software one of the World’s Top. It has tools that can help you build a good representation of photos.

So, Animetrics is a company that does facial recognition software. They are in the top 10 in the world for this type of software.

Animetrics sells its software to police departments. Police departments use the software to identify criminals. One of its customers in New York City’s and Seattle’s police departments.

Purposes and limitations of Animetrics

Facial recognition is not perfect when the face is at an angle representation of someone’s face from one or more photos.
The tool can also be helpful when you search the database and find multiple matches. It can help you compare the geometry of eyebrows or a nose, for example.

Animetrics first started by working with the Department of Defense and developing tools to make it easier to find terrorists in Afghanistan. They also helped soldiers see if any terrorists on a list are nearby.

When sequestration happened in 2013, Animetrics turned its focus to law enforcement. They developed technology that translated well to local law enforcement.
Further, this technology can be used in other places. He said it would not be for something like banking or access control on mobile devices.

On the market

But Animetrics sells its facial recognition algorithm to companies who want to create their own.

We sell them toolkits that they can use. That is like a little toolkit for what they are going to do. It also comes in different forms. One form is a mobile banking verification system, for example.

The market for facial recognition is growing. It will go from $3.35 billion to $6.85 billion by 2021, which is an increase of 15%.

Breakthrough in machine learning

There have been improvements in machine learning, like Google’s self-driving cars. This is because computers can see and identify objects with high accuracy.

A lot of biometric technology and machine learning is propelled by the amount of data we have now. And organizations like Facebook and Google have a lot of power to get people’s information.

But Vaillant assures us that Facebook does not let companies access its database of pictures or use an algorithm to find pictures.

Only Facebook would have the data that is collected from social media. I am sure that many people go to Facebook and Google for information. They try to stop law enforcement from getting our personal information, but it is also about privacy and safety.

There are a lot of companies that make facial recognition software. Some of them are in Tokyo, and others are in Germany. One company, Animetrics, is in the US and they started early on.

We have done over $10 to $12 million of business in the past 12 years. We got to it early. Now, with all these new breakthroughs, one thing that is hard is the facial recognition technology is becoming common and easy to get. The value comes from what you do with it.


Facial recognition software is used when police departments want to identify a criminal or an individual. Animetrics is one of the top companies that produce this type of software.

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