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How Can I Use Image Recognition Google On Android?

How can you make the best out of image recognition Google? 

Image Recognition Google

Do you know that you can better get to know the world around you even with your phones?  

Of course, you can.

The reverse image search by Google can help you do so. Perhaps you have seen an object of interest. A plant species, a new device, or a new movie, for instance. It could be anything tangible around you. 

With Google reverse image search, you can have a more in-depth feel of them. For instance, reverse image search can help you with the following.

  • See similar images of the object of interest
  • Find search results of objects found in the image
  • Locate websites making use of the same image

So now, how can you navigate through Google’s reverse image search? How does this work for an Android user?

This post will take you to the “hows” of Google reverse image search.

Image Recognition Google: For Android Users

Here is how you can navigate Google’s reverse image search on an Android device.

First, You Should Have:

To have the benefits of Google reverse image search, make sure you have the following.

  • Your Google app should be up to date
  • You can either use the Google app or the Google Chrome App

Three Ways Of Searching

There are basically three main ways of doing a reverse image search.

Image from search results

  • Open either the Google app or the Google Chrome app
  • Next, open Google Images
  • Search for the desired image
  • When you have your image, long press on the image, then choose ‘Select Google for this image’. Also, you can press the button on the top right corner. This should let you visually search the image.

Through an image from a website

You can also do the reverse image search while browsing on your Google Chrome app. But first, you should set the Google app as your default search engine.

  • When you have your image on a website, long press on the image
  • Options should show, choose “search with Google Lens”
  • Then it should give you two options. It is either you can use an object in the image or you can use part of an image. It depends on your purpose of the search.
  • Lastly, relevant search results should appear on the bottom

Search with a saved image

Thirdly, you can also do the reverse image search with a saved image. But, Google notes that this feature is not yet available on Android tablets as of today.

  • On your phone, open your Google App
  • Look for “Discover” at the bottom
  • Choose Google Lens in the search bar
  • Here, you can do either way: take an actual photo from your camera or you can also choose a saved image from your phone gallery
  • After choosing or capturing an image, click “search”
  • Next, you will also be given an option to either use an object in the image or you can use part of an image.
  • Lastly, search results should appear.
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