EyeFace SDK Face Detection

EyeFace SDK Face Detection Tool We Should Know Of

EyeFace SDK Face Detection is a Software Development Kit with powerful functions for detecting, recognizing and evaluating faces.

Based on what our clients tell us, it looks like it can. Face recognition is a really hard thing to do, especially when you are trying to figure out the age and gender. The best way to do this is by using a ready-to-use solution like our EyeFace SDK.

We are experts at recognizing things. We focus on accuracy, speed, and flexibility. If you need your software to recognize real people, try our EyeFace demo. Get cutting-edge accuracy without wasting your time.

Our EyeFace SDK is a Software Development Kit with powerful functions for detecting, recognizing and evaluating faces. You can easily add these functions to your software and use the full potential of the video stream or bitmap analysis.

Advantages of EyeFace SDK

Fast – We are fast. We also work on computers that are not as powerful, as yours.
Flexible – The functions in the library are flexible. Developers can use them how they want to.
Accurate – We are working on making the age and gender evaluations more accurate. This is based on real-life data.
Scalable – Developers can help you with your problem. They have a special package called the SDK that will let them do this.
Easy – The things we show you in the SDK make coding easier.

Main features

Face detection is a way to know who someone is, even if it’s dark. It can tell what the person’s age and gender are, and where their face landmarks are located on their face.
This is a system that sees the number of people. It can tell if it’s near or far away. And it can record the results.

Face detection

We have been developing methods to detect faces. Also, we use detectors that can process information quickly.
We make sequential detectors. These detectors have a way of finding out the best decision rule on when to detect images. This maximizes both detection success and speed because our detectors are very fast and precise.

Face recognition

EyeFace Recognition develops software for face detection and recognition. The company focuses on gender, age, and identity recognition.
You need to take a photo of someone from the front side. You’ll need at least 24×24 pixels resolution. The module is for recognizing faces, and it can recognize up to 100 different people in one photo.

Potential applications

Measuring how many people are in a room. When people walk in, machines know. Technology is used to show the person’s position on a screen.
The software routines for face detection are easy to use. There is a dynamic library, simple examples in C/C++/C#/Java/Python, a demo application and documentation for this software.

Product types

EyeFace-SDK Standard – The Standard license is used to process video. It can tell if faces are there, what age and gender they are, and send the information to a remote server or store it in a local directory.
EyeFace-SDK Expert – The Expert License is used to processing image databases. This license has more advanced features than the Standard API, so it can be used for more complex tasks.

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